Technical Communication

It’s more important to be nearly right and understandable than to be academically accurate and unintelligible.
— Unknown
Image courtesy ©J Henry Fair

Image courtesy ©J Henry Fair

Even the best experts with flawless data analysis will fail, if one cannot coherently and effectively communicate the technical issues, analytical methods and findings to a variety of critical audiences.  These audiences can range from regulatory agencies, the general public to executive level business and technical management.  truGround is able to combine our strong data management skills, experience and industry knowledge into highly sophisticated yet simple and elegant communication material.  And most importantly, our staff are proven articulate speakers who communicate with respected conviction regardless of the audience.  Notably, our staff’s work in the use of GIS techniques for the communication of environmental data has been recognized and cited by US EPA as an innovative approach for RCRA Corrective Actions.


    Areas of expertise:

    • Environmental Agency Negotiations
    • Public Meetings
    • Crisis Management Support