Solving environmental issues is a major area of concern for truGround. We have an excellent team of international consultants ready to assist your business in many ways. In today's world, it seems as though new environmental issues turn up every day. This is even more true in industries such as oil, gas, drilling, and metal mining. For this reason, finding the top environmental issues and solving them from the ground up is what we do best. In short, at truGround, we work to improve environmental issues while simultaneously helping your company maximize it's potential!

Current Environmental Issues

Ozone depletion

This is one of the largest areas of concern for many industries. Oil and gas, coal mining, and drilling companies, can create many issues in this area. 

Our Solution: Our team of environmental consultants will create solutions for your company to help prevent ozone depletion. From integrating new equipment, to implementing new use of safer technologies we will improve the way you operate. We place a central focus on improving drilling practices and minimizing damage in order to eliminate this grave concern.

High Temperatures and Chemical Waste

Chemical manufacturing companies are also causing damage to the ozone. Further, many drop toxic waste in the seas and pollute the air we breath. What does this mean for future generations? Not only does it have an effect on the present day generation, it harms future generations as well. With harmful chemicals and toxins being emitted, a great deal of damage can easily ensue. 

Our Solution: Our consultants will work with your company to help find safer chemicals. We look for Eco-friendly solutions which will not have a negative effect on the earth and atmosphere. With cleaner emissions and less exposure to the elements, you will leave behind a much smaller carbon footprint.

Water Pollution

This is another major area of concern. In the fields of mining, chemical production, and drilling, oil spills are common. This is due to the practice of dumping hazardous waste and chemicals into our oceans. Most companies do this to save on operational costs and because they believe it is the only manner in which to operate efficiently. 

Our Solution: Our team at truGround will help you find alternative solutions. Using different avenues to reduce waste and finding alternative methods to properly dump oil will help reduce this issue. We will find ways for you to operate while helping you minimize the pollution in the environment around you.

We Offer Consulting That Works For You

Some companies are using certain chemicals because this is all they have ever known. Other companies working in the field of mining, oil and gas distribution are practicing illegal dumping into the oceans. And still, others are deteriorating the ozone to save money. But, truGround can step in and help.

Our Team Of Consultants Will Help You Operate More Efficiently By:

  • Providing data management solutions.
  • Implementing turnkey operational methods to eliminate dumping of waste and harmful chemicals.Integrate new technologies to help your business operate more efficiently.
  • Offer data management and planning solutions, so your business runs smoothly, and eliminates the harmful manner in which it operates.
  • Provide technical communications with company heads to help implement new solutions, new operational methods, and safer business practices.

Business in the oil and gas, mining, chemical industries, and similar non-governmental industries, engage in harmful practices regularly. At truGround, we work to provide consulting services to help lessen this damage. We help companies operate more efficiently while maximizing their profits. Allow our team to help you find safer methods of operation and find methods for solving environmental issues which are common in your industry.