Expert Analysis & Support

An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.
— Niels Bohr
Image courtesy ©J Henry Fair

Image courtesy ©J Henry Fair

Our expertise in environmental investigation and remediation management, our hands on remedial construction field experience, high-end data management capability and technical communication prowess ensures that we deliver technically sound and objective expert witness litigation support to our clients.

We recognize that effective litigation support is more than simply academic technical credentials and degrees.  More importantly, we understand that litigation support is not technically unsound and biased advocacy of a particular side.  Dependable support demands experts that can educate and objectively inform the legal team, assist in the development of accurate trial strategies, and present the facts and data concisely and clearly.  Our staff has experience assisting lawyers in their development of a working knowledge of complex engineering, technical data and regulatory issues.  We have the unique ability to quickly capture, aggregate and analyze large and complex data, identify data gaps in the context of the legal strategy, and identify methods to address these gaps.  We develop coherent and visual/graphical supported technical findings that seamlessly interact with the legal strategy and are effortlessly understood by the trier-of-fact. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Class Certifications

  • Property Damage Claims

  • RCRA Violations

  • Engineering/Siting Audits

  • Environmental Liability Audits

  • Cost Recovery

  • Class Action

  • Mass Tort

  • Indemnification Claims

  • Nuisance Claims

  • Product Liability

  • Environmental Law Regulations

  • Demonstratives/Animations