Environmental Data Management

I had the Census statistics showing the produce of every county through which I designed to pass. No military expedition was ever based on sounder or surer data.
— Gen. William T. Sherman, describing the 'March to the Sea'
Image courtesy ©J Henry Fair  http://www.jhenryfair.com

Image courtesy ©J Henry Fair http://www.jhenryfair.com

Data is without question the center of all decisions in the environmental industry.  Failure to recognize data as asset can ultimately result in poor decisions with increased liability.  Our staff has a proven track record when it comes to accurate, accelerated data capture and analysis of data heavy environmental projects.  Most importantly, our data analysts are highly skilled in the fundamentals of the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining, (CRISP-DM) methods and have an inherent understanding of the data being analyzed.  Too often environmental data is managed separately by programmers and support staff who have little scientific understanding of the actual data being managed which tends to lead to errors and an inability to recognize data collection mistakes. Our senior experts have a long and experienced background in data science and are technically fluent in the latest software tools and analytics.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Environmental GIS

  • Geostatistics

  • Environmental Statistics

  • ‘Big Data’ Analytics

  • 3D Visualization

  • Database SQL Systems

  • Machine Learning

  • Text Analytics

  • Probabilistic Analysis

  • Remedial Cost Estimation